Jupyter Notebook Xcode theme

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So one Saturday I got particularly bored and thought I should configure my Jupyter Notebook a bit. What I wanted to achieve:

  • Remove annoying Jupyter logo
  • Use a better monospaced font
  • Make syntax highlighting look like the Xcode default one

I’m not a huge fan of dark schemes and wanted to have some familiarity with Xcode syntax highlighting, so I forked a neat looking solution that already had header logo disabled, and then spent a couple of hours making sure the colours match to those of Xcode.

Without further ado, this is what it looks like. I was pretty pleased with the result and have been using it ever since (e.g. for a couple of months now).


You can, of course, get this theme on GitHub:

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You can find detailed installation instructions following this link. Although for me it was as easy as placing the custom.css file in the ~/.jupyter/custom folder on both my macOS and Ubuntu machines.

Final note: if you don’t have Apple’s Menlo font installed you may want to check out its open source alternative Meslo.

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