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Unit tests for Touch ID

2 minute read

Writing unit tests is like having sex in high school: everybody is talking about it, although very few are actually doing it. In the iOS world it had a couple of additional roadblocks for a while due to a lack of solid and stable testing capabilities out of the Xcode’s box. However, with the Apple’s XCTest framework things have improved greatly: you no longer have an excuse of needing 3rd party frameworks to test your code properly.

Motion Sensors in iOS

1 minute read

Apple mobile devices have so many capabilities nowadays, that it is not always obvious where this or that functionality is coming from. Have you ever thought of how the Google Cardboard VR apps work? The answer is — they all use device motion sensors, be it an Android or iOS device.

Mobile app navigation: designing a questionnaire

5 minute read

There are quite a few potential scenarios where you may want your user to go through a set of questions, take a test or simply provide feedback. I hope this post will give you a useful example of interacting with the user on a mobile device, and will inspire you to design something straightforward and clear next time you face a similar challenge.

Transitions with CoreAnimation

5 minute read

I have come across an interesting UX use case on recently: a concept of a banking mobile app. Not only this concept looks impressive when it comes to usability in comparison with pretty much every mobile banking app, it also has a couple of neat and engaging UI design tricks that really catch your eye.